Campus Ministry International (CMI)

is a ministry of the UPCI and ALJC that was formed to enable and encourage local churches to effectively reach out to the college and university populations in their vicinities with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Upcoming Events

15 JAN. 2016
Awakening 2016

Join campus ministers from around North America on January 15-16 at the University of Georgia for two days that will forever change the way you do campus ministry!

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In North America there are over 4,200 colleges. That's 4,200 open doors - 4,200 mission fields - that are in need of someone to reach them. The burden of campus ministry is an overwhelming one - too overwhelming for any one person to bear alone. This is why registering your local campus ministry chapter is so important!

As apostolic campus ministry efforts continue to expand, it is important that every individual campus ministry is connected to CMI. This enables us to build community amongst campus ministers and constantly remind each other that we are not in this fight alone. Just as important, however, it provides easy visibility to those considering becoming a student at your college.

Are you currently doing campus ministry and want to be on the map? Follow the link to officially register your chapter.

Campus Map

Are you considering taking your education to the next level through collegiate studies? Why not take your walk with God to the next level through campus ministry? Use this map to find the name of the campus ministry at your college. If you don't find one, that just means you have an opportunity to start one!


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