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Getting Started - CMI Checklist - Local Campus Chapter



Inform Pastor, Youth President, and CMI leadership of intentions to begin a work on the college campus.

Be accountable to pastor and keep informed of ministry developments

Procure CMI training material from

Schedule a meeting with District CMI Coordinator

Identify any UPC students on campus

Build semester objectives for local chapter

Note: Refer to Building Semester Objectives checklist

Schedule a prayer meeting with all of the students

Begin a weekly small group meeting on or off campus

Coordinate chapter activities with pastor

Schedule a training session

Coordinate with District CMI Coordinator

Provide objectives to District CMI Coordinator

Become a recognized campus organization

Note: Refer to Becoming a Campus Organization Checklist

Partake in at least one campus event a semester

Build a follow up database

Follow up with every individual with an invitation to your meeting and/or a Bible Study

Send all campus news and testimonies to

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