University of California, IrvineApostolic Generation of UC Irvine

Jose Alfredo Torres Jr.
(818) 277-5828

Fernando Chacon (UPCI)
Mark Pryor (UPCI)

Valley Lighthouse Pentecostal Church-Van Nuys Pentecostals of Orange County

The Apostolic Generation, under the direction of the United Pentecostal Church International, focuses on college students at the University of California, Irvine. This organization focuses on providing college-aged men and women the tools to salvation as they allow God to work in their lives. We provide members with Bible-centered lessons on the ability to discover their identity, salvation, developing respect for pastoral authority, developing a Christian character, Christian values and morals, Christian values that further strengthen the family, methods of dealing with unexpected problems in life, and building self-esteem. This is a great opportunity to reach students and their families who have left the church for some time or are newcomers to the church. We give them a Christian perspective on deliverance from their problem. This help and deliverance only comes from God.

The Apostolic Generation organization is designed to provide the Gospel as a solution to the problems and voids in people’s lives today. This will encourage them to look much differently at their problems than they ever have before. We will help bring freedom into their lives and teach them Christian values, help them to the “New Birth” in Jesus Christ, and teach them to be good citizens in their community. We can help bring new hope to many in the community. This organization serves the UC Irvine and the surrounding communities in Orange County, California. This organization’s vision is to build networks and relationships with local businesses, clubs, high schools, universities, and churches. We are committed to make an impact and change in our community by being the light in our Irvine community.